Fuego Yellow front foglamps


Fuego Yellow front foglamps

Postby KEV SOLEIL » Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:50 pm

I have for sale a pair of Cibie Front yellow fog lamps. They were modified to fit under the front bumper of a R18 I once owned. The modification involves the Fuego lense units being fitted into the bowls from a Morris Marina :oops:
The lenses are in excellent condition as are the bowls if you wish to use them. No work will be needed to fit them back into Fuego bowls.
If you have a Fuego with rusty bowls it might be possible to gently remove the mountings and fit a pair from a rusty Fuego bowl.
I'm not too sure but the lenses might be the same as other Renault models
All I want is £15 including postage. Payment will have to be by UNCROSSED postal order.
PM me or Email me at kevin_cozens64 AT Hotmail.com
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