Its terminal!! Or is it?

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Its terminal!! Or is it?

Postby Eribaman » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:30 pm

Hi guys yesterday I had the cam belt on my Eriba Trafic go and it looks like the engine is a right off. ( I can see broken nits when i take off the oil filler!!).
Now its an 1988 camper and we love it. We have only had it a year and I dont want to get rid of the old gal. My question is what engine can I slip in without too much or any alterations?? Also I think I may have found a 2.5 NA diesel but its from the later model that has a transverse fitting. If I opt for the with the gearbox that goes with it would it work?? At the moment it has a non functioning 2.1d and the camper is a t1300d.

Any help would be super


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