Commercial Advertisers

All Commercial Adverts. Only approved commercial posts please. Unapproved posts (Spam) will be removed and the company may be included in a not recommended list.
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Commercial Advertisers

Postby ROCAdmin » Mon May 30, 2011 9:57 am

If you wish to place either a commercial advert or regularly post personal for sales then this is the place for you. The Renault Owners Club has a number of advertising possabilities to suit your budget. Anyone who advertises in the Club Magazine or Club Website will get a free advert here and we'll keep it towards the top. If you only wish to advertise on here, please email for the current rates. They are deliberately kept low to encourage people not to break the rules and get banned. Only 2 real rules. Must be Renault Related and must not be for illegal or counterfeit material. All adverts are pre-approved and if there are any issues we will contact you.

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