What we are about.

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What we are about.

Postby ROCAdmin » Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:56 pm

The Renault Owners' Club is not a member of "TNAPCCC". We believe that every car is equally important and as such are not bothered if it is old or new. Rather than saying a car must be before a date to go in a category, all we ask is that your interest is POST 1940 (pre 1940 cars should refer themselves to the Renault Freres - http://www.renault-freres.com).

We don't require your car to fulfil any requirements for you to choose how you describe it, modern cars can be classics, cars that have never seen a track can be sports. Boats are welcome, as are bikes, trucks, lawnmowers and anything else Renault made.

Whether your car is old, new, concourse, used, a daily drive, tired or anything else you are most welcome. We know that as soon as limits are imposed on membership then there is a limit to what the club can be.

The club started in 1952 and has included private members, dealers, traders, members of staff at Renault, retired people, young people, workers and people from every walk of life.

Paid up members of the club receive the magazine Renotes, posted to them wherever we can legally post it (pretty much anywhere) 4 times a year, this double award winning, A4 magazine. It is based on 32 pages but in 2012 it averaged 46 pages and in 2013 47 pages, it expands to contain as many articles as we can fit, written by the members. Adverts in it are limited to about 4 pages and edition.

Low quality pdfs of magazines over a year old can be viewed at http://www.renaultownersclub.com/mag.shtml

Joining is relatively cheap as the club does not pay anyone in the club, is run totally by unpaid volunteers and actively runs services to raise extra money for the club. This includes parts, a tool hire service, a shop and limited advertising space.



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